The LAVATUBE E-cig is a monster of a vaping device. This E-Cig is a large and powerful beast that is very different from most E-Cigs. There is no standard twist and put on a cartridge and then jump right into the gaping experience. This is a large E-Cig designed to maximize the first puff hitting the back of the throat and carrying through to the flavor, and full-on punch with each successive puff.

No Spillage

Waste and spillage is a thing of the past with the LAVATUBE E-Cig. The threading where the cartridge meets the atomizer is so fine, there is no way a drip or drop could get out. So when I filled my LAVATUBE I was really impressed with the screw off/on the procedure and how extremely secure the threading makes it. I hadn’t experienced anything this solid with any of the other E-Cigs I have tried or used


Pros & Cons

My one complaint with the LAVATUBE is that I have to be precise when I put in the battery. This is not like other E-Cigs. If I didn’t get the battery in complete alignment, I ended up having to unscrew the holding panel and trying again. It was a little frustrating, but once I got it, I found the battery was perfect. It held a charge for me for what would be equal to around a full pack of traditional smokes before I had to plug in the USB charger to get the battery back up to full power. On that topic, getting the battery fully charged takes less time than a lot of the other E-Cigs I have used, which was a surprise considering the size of the LAVATUBE and the power it uses for the delivery.


Final Thoughts

Holding the LAVATUBE and smoking it is a bit different from a cloud of traditional smoke. This is a big wide E-Cig, like a silver cigar, so holding it felt a little awkward at first. But once I got used to it in my hands and fingers I found I liked this feel more than the E-Cigs that have a more traditional smoke design. I also liked how it looked funky when I was smoking from it. This is definitely a head-turner of an E-Cig. I recommend the LAVATUBE for its power and for its cool, funky design. Check out the black Friday vape deals 2019


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